Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 8′ Height x 4′ Wide x 4′ Deep fully assembled

Construction: Sturdy PVC board panel exterior with electric components fixed to steel and wooden shelves on an aluminum frame. Semi-transportable, rolling on 4 heavy-duty casters.

Power Requirements: Access to a grounded 2-socket 120V power outlet via extension cord is required.

Environmental Requirements: TrinkeTron requires protection from rain & high wind if set up outdoors. Lighting effects are best viewed in no-to- low-light conditions only. Ideally positioned backing on to wall, with some access for technicians. Due to loudness, TrinkeTron should be stationed at a respectable distance from any other performers or vendors during hours of operation.

Audio Visual Features: Retro-futuristic arcade machine-inspired design, Interactive Animated Video Screen, Booming Space-Age Synthesizer Sound Effects and Music, Cosmic Fog, Laser & UV effects, Light Up User Control Panel and assorted Animated LED Lighting Effects.