Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 8′ Height x 4′ Wide x 4′ Deep fully assembled

Construction: Sturdy PVCB board panel exterior with electric components fixed to steel and wooden shelves on an aluminum frame. Semi-transportable, rolling on 4 heavy-duty casters.

Power Requirements: Access to a grounded 2-socket 120V power outlet via extension cord is required.

Environmental Requirements: TrinkeTron requires protection from rain & high wind if set up outdoors. Lighting effects are best viewed in nighttime, or low-light conditions. TrinkeTron is best situated in high foot traffic areas and through fares where small crowds of spectators may gather around the front of the machine. Access to behind the machine should be restricted to booth technician only. Due to loudness, TrinkeTron should be stationed at a respectable distance from any other performers or vendors during hours of operation.

Audio Visual Features: Retro-futuristic arcade machine-inspired design, Interactive Animated Video Screen, Booming Space-Age Synthesizer Sound Effects and Music, Cosmic Fog, Laser & UV effects, Light Up User Control Panel and assorted Animated LED Lighting Effects.