Musical Mini-Vids

Submission deadline: APRIL 1st 2020
Open to: Canadian musicians working in electronic music (any genre)

TrinkeTron TURBO 2000 is “The Vending Machine from the Future” made by UniCorp Industries Inc. It travels around to different festivals and special events throughout Canada entertaining hordes of customers making weird little trinkets with them for $5 each. It is pretty awesome.

“Mini-vids” are brief little music videos played by the TrinkeTron during the customer-input sequence. They’re a unique (and completely FREE) way of introducing your music to a diverse audience. As fans of electronic music, UniCorp is pleased to use our platform to promote the work of Canadian musicians.

If you would like your music featured on the TrinkeTron TURBO 2000 throughout our 2020 season, send a link to a high-quality audio recording to before April 1st, and a 30-second portion of your song may be used. In your email, please indicate which images/video, hashtags, and music pages you would like to see in your mini-vid, and we’ll do our best to showcase your work.

Here are some examples of 2019’s collection of Mini-Vids:

Sound good? We hope to hear from you soon! Thank-you in advance.