Q: What is The TrinkeTron TURBO 2000?

A: It is The Artificially-Intelligent Vending Machine From The Future producing “trinkets” on-demand for $5.

Q: What is a Trinket?

A: A trinket is a small ornament or item of jewelry that is typically of little value, but a TrinkeTron Trinket is really something special. A useful keychain, a stylish fashion accessory, a beautiful work of art, a magical device, a hilarious gag… The TrinkeTron makes ANYTHING.

Q: How does it work?

A: First you’re asked to insert $5 after being automagically detected by the on-screen AI. Once the instructions are given, you can input your Trinket preferences by working the control panel. Within seconds, a unique trinket matching your specifications is produced, packaged, and ejected into your hands!

Q: Who made it?

A: We did! We’re UniCorp Industries, and we’re committed to ending the age of Mass-Production by reshaping consumerist psychology and developing next-level, game-changing, world-building, tech. By combining the latest developments in advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) and POD (Production-On-Demand) technology, TrinkeTron illuminates the path towards a brighter, better future, accessorized with custom-designed objects producing authentic material gratification, the opposite of “garbage”.

Q: Where can I find one?

A: Although developed in Unicorp’s underground R&D laboratories in Guelph, Ontario, the newly-constructed TrinkeTron TURBO 2000 is scheduled to travel throughout Canada in 2019. See the calendar listings on this page, or follow us on Facebook and Instragram to stay abreast of all things TrinkeTron.

Press & Media

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Snap’d Magazine from The Art of the Brew Ha Ha Craft Beer Festival, Guelph 2016

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